Cavendish fete – a real success and a demonstration of fantastic community spirit. And I had a go at bell ringing!

Cavendish did themselves proud today. A fabulous fete set in the pretty village of Cavendish. It was well organised, lots of free parking a short walk away and plenty going on. I was able to catch up with a number of people that I have been helping. My mum and wife both enjoyed themselves immensely. The scone and coffee were delicious.

I forgot to put a slimming lens on!!!

The Church tower was open together with a lesson in bell ringing. Despite my concerns of ending up on the ceiling of the bell tower it all went well and no harm was done to the historic building.

Great setting for a fete.
Being shown the ropes – boom boom.
Thank you for the opportunity

It was also great to catch up with Mark, the vicar of six local churches, although I didn’t see him tugging on the ropes!!!

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