A car park for Clare moves a step closer

Clare has needed more car parking capacity for a number of years. When I was elected 18 months ago it was made clear to me that if I could do anything to help deliver a car park that was a real priority of the town.

Businesses need folk to visit Clare so they need to park somewhere near the Center. Residents need somewhere to park and a lot of houses have no street parking. It is an ancient town never built for cars. For Clare to thrive it needs additional car parking.

So, we have two parts to this problem. Where to site the car park and how to fund it. I have been working on the “where” for some time and believe a solution is possible. But this solution will depend on the goodwill and trust of a number of organisations, including West Suffolk Council. I expect to deliver something positive for everyone involved. More on this as the project progresses. I am keeping this under my hat to make sure everyone is treated fairly but as soon as I can I will involve the general public.

The great news is the funding is becoming clearer. Last year we managed to get £100,000 put in the medium term financial plan for WSC. I am also thrilled to see an additional amount of £50,000 is likely to be allocated for a Clare car park when it comes in front of West Suffolk Council Cabinet on 8th of November. This has taken a lot of work to get to this point but the prize is in sight. So cross fingers.

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