Planning application – Townsend Nurseries Clare

Tomorrow the planning application DC/21/2094 Townsend Nurseries, Snow Hill, Clare is in front of the Development Control Committee. So I am sat here reading all the papers for tomorrow because as a substitute of the committee I have been asked to sit on it. Interesting. Sometimes the views as a local elected member rub up uncomfortably with the roll of a committee member. We always approach each application with an open mind, anything less would be unfair.

This is the second time it has appeared. It was considered for the first time on the 2nd November where it was deferred so that a site visit could take place.

The application can be seen here:

My written submission was read out which I include here:

“The proposed development on the Townsend Nursery site is infill within the current settlement so I am not against development per se. However, the high density of the development is not in keeping with the existing estate and will be at odds with this area. More importantly, the claims, by Anglia Water, that sufficient capacity exists is simply not true. I accept there may be capacity at the pumping station but the mains pipes are simply not fit for purpose. There have been 24 significant leaks in 24 months in the immediate area and adding load to these pipes doesn’t make sense. The general public will not understand how this council could approve this development without the necessary infrastructure in place.”

Tomorrow, I will take a full part in the debate and listen carefully to the points made before deciding how I will vote. The agenda is packed and it looks like an all day job.

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