Stradishall has ambitions for its church – could it include a community Center?

At the Stradishall Parish Council, on Monday, I was asked if I could help with the plan to make more use of the church for community activities. I was happy to help, of course, as Stradishall doesn’t really have a village hall.

I met with local representatives on Friday to have a look at the site and the issues. What was really obvious was the poor state of the church roof. It had been leaking for some time despite the emergency roof coverings and the damage to the building is obvious.

This is a Grade 1 listed building and needs protecting or what is the point of the listing. Local folk have been brilliant fund raising and raised a huge £10k in a year. But ……… the roof alone is likely to cost £300k!!!!

Grants might be available from a number of sources but should this vital maintenance fall to enthusiastic local folk. Who owns the ultimate responsibility for a building like this? Heritage England, the Church of England or the conservation authority? We need to find the sharp sword to prod somebody into action.

What is exciting about this project is the ambition to convert some of the church into a community facility. It is needed. But can it be done? The £300k is likely to rise to £500k. Lots of approval from lots of folk and organisations before anything can start I am sure.

But we all like a challenge and I’m happy to help wherever I can.

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