Kedington shop – the planning process moves ahead DC/22/0336/FUL – Haverhill Road, Kedington

As you are aware the application for the relocated village shop at Kedington has been in for some time with correspondence going back and forth with the Highway Authority. They are now satisfied that they have sufficient information to support the proposed crossing and with this in place they are content that the scheme provides safe access for all.

The application is for one retail unit (class E) and associated vehicular and pedestrian accesses as amended by plans received 16th August and 9th November 2022 and 16th January 2023. It is on land west of Haverhill Road, Kedington.

There are clearly elements which weigh against the scheme and also elements in its favour. Some months ago I “called the application in” which means hopefully it will go in front of councillors rather than be decided by officers.

The next step is for the application to be reviewed by the planning delegation panel next week. This will decide if the application is to go before the full planning committee. This is a private meeting of the council but I am entitled to speak at it. This will take place on Tuesday 24th at 1pm.


  1. Morning Nick are you aware of the large sink hole that is on the green area as you enter St Paul’s Drive Kedington? Evidently there has been communication s going back and forth with WSC and the people who worked on the site for months with no outcome. It looks dangerous and must be worrying for those 4 houses who are facing it. Can you help in anyway?


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