Kedington Church coffee morning – guess what the conversations were about! Shop update below

Lovely cup of coffee and a sausage roll in the Kedington church today. And I have bought some smartie points by taking home a piece of carrot cake to the boss!

The coffee morning is every Tuesday from 10 – 12. Great company and well attended. A place to come with a friend or to make new ones. Well worth a visit.

Guess what the main subject of conversation was about? The possibility of the village shop moving to near the British Legion!!! This has definitely split the village. I have been contacted by lots of people for it and lots against it. Today I wanted to talk to those with a quiet voice who don’t always get heard. Interestingly, opinions were split equally.

Following my coffee morning I had a meeting with the planning delegation panel . This is a sub committee of the main planning committee and its job is to see if planning applications should be decided by officers (normal for simple or straight forward decisions) or be passed to a full planning committee.

Given how this issue has split the village I argued this should be decided by the full planning committee so that it could be heard in public. This would give both sides the opportunity to have their say and for councillors to decide. I won the argument so this will now go forward to the full planning committee.

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