Proposed 103 acre solar farm in Wixoe!!!!!! Planning ref DC/23/0088/EIASCR

I have received notification for a proposed 103 acre solar farm in Wixoe. I am also aware of a proposal for another solar farm in Sturmer.

The link to the application is here

Duncan Howlett, Chair of Wixoe, and I have had a look at the site and it is big. We would like to hear the views of villagers that may be affected by this solar farm. Please email in to Duncan at with your thoughts.

Solar farms can be mixed blessings. The one near Highpoint prison generates funds for the parish of Hundon to be spent on good causes. The downside is they are not pretty and use up valuable agricultural land. During the construction phase there might be considerable disruption on the roads and surrounding areas.

I include a couple of documents that the proposer sent me so they may not have the balance that we expect. One is a map showing the extent of the solar farm and the other has more background to read about.


  1. What a waste if time ruins the outlook of the area , takes away farming land to power small amount of homes. What payments are being made to land owners and power producers that will keep our bills increasing. Wouldn’t the money be better used you know on nuke power station if you got such complaints with using natural gas. As we in the UK being as far North have such seasonal daylight changes is solar really the answer be honest.


  2. Having read the EIA Screening Opinion, the contents in places are, in my opinion, questionable insofar as factual correctness, contradiction and misdirection.
    For those residents wondering about noise, the following link is very useful for listening to;
    There are many factors to consider for a solar farm of this magnitude, and with the continual rise in organised criminal activity associated with thefts from these facilities, the likelihood is this solar farm will be no different. The fact that 2.8m high security fences, CCTV towers and lights will be erected highlight that crime is a problem, and on a magnitude of which is not experienced that often in rural areas.
    I am all for a zero carbon energy infrastructure, however onshore solar farms are contentious when compared to the other solutions available. The current conflict in Ukraine has highlighted that countries should become more self-reliant when it comes to agriculture, and not covering valuable agricultural land with PV arrays for a quarter of a century.
    As landowners are likely to receive in excess of £1000 per annum per acre to compensate for their “loss” of land use, the question has to be asked, are onshore solar farms for the greater good of the UK population and the environment as a whole, or a get rich quick scheme for a few?


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