Election wash up – my views

To the great relief of many the election was yesterday and is now over. My feet need a rest! The results were very interesting.

It is now time to return to helping and supporting the whole community, irrespective of political allegiances. National politics seemed to have played a large part in these elections resulting in some very hardworking councillors losing their seats. This is a loss to all of us.

Firstly, can I thank everyone who helped, deliver leaflets and offered support. I am very appreciative. In my ward the results were:

Nick Clarke 1381 votes – Elected

Karen Richardson 1226 votes – Elected

Marion Rushbrook 1226 votes – Elected

Robine Turbefield 354

Thank you to all who voted. There were a large number of folk who made the effort to go to the polling station but when presented with the choice of candidates were disappointed. They were disappointed because many of the parties had not put up a candidate so they did not have the choice they wanted.

No Green or Labour to choose so they spoilt their ballot papers. Unfortunately, some let their frustration cloud their judgement. Drawing parts of the male anatomy or using abusive language on a ballot paper has no affect on anyone except causing mild discomfort for the folk counting the papers!

I have no idea why other parties did not stand in my ward but it is a valid criticism that should be directed to those parties. We did our bit. Those who scribbled on the ballot papers mainly seemed to be supporting Labour so I am surprised that they did not direct their energies in a more positive way and stand for election.

Before the election West Suffolk Council the Conservatives were the ruling group and led the council. Today it is very different. Whilst we are still the largest group we do not have overall control. This means that we must approach this council with a mind to compromise with other parties to get things done. Fortunately, up to now, West Suffolk has not been dominated by party politics, rather focusing on what is right for the residents. I hope and expect this to continue.

So now is all about selecting a new Leader, sorting out arrangements with other parties and preparing for the next four years. Busy times head but I promise to continue to work hard for all of you and to keep posting to this blog to keep you all informed, where I can.

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