Your help is needed

The 4th May is election day for all of us councillors at West Suffolk Council.

I believe that in our ward, Marion, Karen and myself have worked very hard on your behalf. We look after Clare, Kedington, Hundon, Stradishall, Barnadiston, Stoke by Clare, Cavendish, Poslingford and Wixoe. It is the biggest ward in West Suffolk.

We attend all the town and parish councils between us and respond to any requests from them. We are contacted by many parishioners to resolve issues. Sometimes this is by providing some immediate advice whilst other times it might result in a lot of work over a number of weeks.

Each of us sits on various committees at West Suffolk Council. These committee meetings are held in public and it is where we are able to question and scrutinise the policies and actions of the council. The development control committee makes decisions on planning applications across the district.

We believe we are making a positive difference to our communities. We are focused on local matters.

I spend a lot of time keeping my blog up to date to provide you with an insight into what is going on. The feedback is that you like this. I hope to carry this on.

But … and it is a very big but, we can only continue doing this if you support us with your vote on thursday. You may not agree with everything we do but I would ask you to consider if we are the hardworking, engaged councillors you want.

This is the only electioneering post I will be making so you don’t get spammed. It has been my honour to serve you all and I hope to continue, with your support, into the next council.

Please consider voting for us on the 4th May.


  1. Thanks for all you do and swiftly. You are a visible voice of reason and don’t hide behind a desk but make sure you are in the community . Much appreciated.


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