Cambridgeshire Community Services – visit to unplanned care team

A  really good look at CCS today. I spent some very valuable time discussing re-ablement with the team, in Cambridge, before going on to visit a service user.

The lady we visited lived in sheltered accommodation, in Cambridge. At 91 this lady  would put a few people I know, who are a lot younger, to shame in terms of wanting to be independent. Currently she has 4 visits a day, during this phase of getting her up and about after a spell in hospital, but now only wanted some help to get up and to go to bed. Continuing with the four visits would not meet her needs and waste resources that could be helping others.

I have a whole list of questions to ask about process on my return to Shire Hall. 🙂

One consistent observation on my visits to our care teams,  they are staffed with keen, caring professionals who put the service users at the top of the agenda. I now need to challenge our processes and structures to make sure these dedicated staff are able to provide this excellent care  in an affordable way.

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