A14 – Julian Huppert please, please do not foul up our plans for a bigger road

Another example of Lib Dem madness.

The County Council, along with other local organisations and authorities have all been working very hard to get the A14 widened. None of us has any doubt that more Tarmac is required. All of us want a road with more capacity.

All of us except the Lib Dem MP for Cambridge. He is the only person I know that thinks the A14 problem can be solved by tinkering at the edges and by improving freight transport on the rail network. Of course all these things need looking at as well but …………. the road still needs widening.

If you read the recent comments from Julian Huppert it is clear he is trying to influence department for transport ministers to tinker around the edges as a solution to the A14. This is dangerous because if DfT believe the problem can be solved in this way the essential widening of the A14 may not happen.
Julian Huppert meddles

If anyone needs more evidence that the Lib Dems are out of touch this is it. Everyone needs to let Julian know that he is getting this very, very wrong.

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