This week we had our regular formal Cabinet meeting. It was a relatively quiet affair with no petitions and opposition not wanting to speach on many issues. I can only assume they are supporting most of what we are doing.

We discussed an excellent member led review, by Sam Hoy and her team, on domestic abuse. I was keen that the report did not just stop at Cabinet but was issued further to enhance thinking at all levels.

We considered allocation of developer contributions for transport schemes, how we buy our insurance and our financial performance to the 31st May 2012.

We also looked at business rates pooling between ourselves and the districts. If we do this it enables us to retain more money for the people of Cambridgeshire. It would be daft not to do this.

Also up were blue badge charges rising from £2 for 3 years to £9 for three years – the first rise since 1983 and still wont really cover all our costs.

A good Cabinet.

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