Super fast Broadband

Last night I hosted an event for our Broadband champions. It was a chance to get as many of the 68 together as possible to update them on progress and to give an opportunity to ask questions and to get to know each other to share views.

Our broadband champions represent the communities they live in and have been helping to stimulate demand for broadband. So far we have 16000 registrations which is better than anywhere else in the country at this stage. A great result and brought about by local people who have a passion.

The Q and A session was a lively event with some very knowledgable people. Of course a lot of the questions I could not answer until the supplier has been selected, the project plan for role out agreed and the contract let. Understandably, a key question was “when does my village get it”.

When we have the rollout plan sorted out we will share it publicly but we are not yet at that stage.

A good event with genuine local involvement.

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