Oh dear – Lib Dem red face

You know when someone tries to use an unusual word to show off and because they don’t really understand the meaning of the word, they get the context wrong and it feels very embarrassing to everyone. Well it sort of happened at Cabinet on Tuesday.

We held it in St Neots in a similar way that we did in Wisbech earlier in the year. We met lots of business leaders, local politicians and of course a small number of the Lib Dem opposition front bench.

There was good contribution from the Lib Dems until Kilian Bourke, Lib Dem Leader, entered the fray. Kilian is a nice lad but not very good at laying political traps. They are always a bit obvious and often clumsy and just wrong. I would have thought by now he would have given up trying.

I knew something was afoot when he set things up with a comment that he had visited St Neots a number of times. I was surprised but was pleased that the normally Cambridge centric Kilian was out and about. Then he commented on the local river which everyone knows is pronounced Ouse or Ooze but instead could only manage Owze.

There were lots of shuffling feet during the embarrassed silence which was only filled by the lamentable Kilian then going on to claim that the council owns lots of land and buildings in St Neots which of course we don’t. I was able to provide him with a map explaining all much to his dismay.

It sort of feels a bit unfair making fun of Kilian but he does so leave himself open all the time. I try not to be too harsh on him because I do want him to remain Lib Dem leader. I don’t want him being replaced as he is an electoral asset to us Conservatives.

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