County Council – Chairman’s reception

Sunday evening was spent at the Chairman’s reception held at Shire Hall. This occurs every two years and is an opportunity for John Powley and his wife Jill, to say thank you to everyone they have been in contact with over his nearly two years as Chairman.

Given the austere times a modest affair was in order. It might have been modest, in terms of cost, but it was fantastic in terms of content. Music was provided, to a very high standard, from a school in Soham ranging from a harp, violins, solo singer and a male and female choir. These youngsters have been working on this for ages and it showed. Brilliant.

John gave a passionate speech thanking many people and in particular his wife, Jill, who has provided him with excellent support. John managed to get the idea that Cambridgeshire is open for business into his speech, well done.

It was great to see the military present including friends from the USAF. The USAF are very active in the community. It was only last week I spoke with a number of military policemen who were working with young people at the Manor school.

Great networking and with luck I may have hooked another potential customer for LGSS.

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