Where is the Lib Dem manifesto?

I thought I saw a brief tweet some weeks ago about the Lib Dem manifesto but have so far not been able to track it down.

This is strange. If you are in opposition then surely you lay out all the positive things you would like to do in power. Exciting alternatives. New ideas. Dramatic changes of direction.

Or else opposition is just that, opposing everything and adding nothing.

I have listened to nearly four years of negativity from the Lib Dems. Every new initiative has been greeted with a flurry of “that won’t work”, were doomed, what about doing things faster, slower, less or more. Spend more more money, no you are spending too much money and so on.

So, I thought it might be refreshing to hear all about the exciting things the Lib Dems have thought of but so far ……..nothing.

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