Leader of the County Council announces he is stepping down in May

I met Martin Curtis, just before he went on air yesterday to announce he is stepping down as the Leader of the Council in May. One of the reasons is the impending move from the Cabinet system to Committees.

Many of you will wonder why that is in anyway significant and why it would provoke such emotion?

Well, it used to be most people who enter public life do so to improve things for the population but, it seems many at Cambridgeshire County Council are now putting political power above all things.

In May the county will be run under a committee system as a result of decisions taken by UKIP, Lib Dems and Labour. This will result in a loss of direction and remove the ability to resolve things quickly.

All decisions will now have to go through lengthy committee meetings and often more than one to make anything happen. Getting them to agree on anything will be a nightmare.

No party had the committee system in their manifesto so what is going on? This is pure political vandalism by UKIP and their mates in the Lib Dems.

It is most unlikely that the new Cambridge station, Superfast broadband, A14 widening, Kings Dyke crossing, Ely bypass, new house in et al would have been approved under the committee system.

No party has overall control which means no overall control of each committee as well. Imagine what this will mean. Chaos, uncertainty, bickering, non stop focus on internal fights, disagreements and little time spent on serving the people of Cambridgeshire.

Under the new committee system one of the very first decisions it needs to make is to approve the new allowance system to fit the committee structure. Guess what? They cannot even agree that.

I don’t know Martins full reasons for stepping down but I can certainly understand how frustrating and unpleasant a situation this might be.

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