Elections 2014 – some thoughts on Labour

People have gone through a tough recession. Wages have stayed the same for some time, food prices have gone up and some vital benefit changes have been made.

It is surprising that Labour are not streets ahead in the polls. People are often rather selfish in their voting patterns. What’s in it for me? Labour are promising something for everybody, it seems, much of it costing a fortune.

Labour are promising that taxes will be cut, benefits restored, subsidies increased, infrastructure improved, services increased but not too much detail on how all this is to be paid for.

Not a time to be a banker as bonuses will be taxed about ten times to pay for everything if Labour are to be believed. Clearly the sums don’t add up but it might be scary enough for financial institutions to relocate elsewhere particularly if the financial transaction tax is pushed through by the EU.

Labour appear well meaning but have not learnt the lessons of the recent past. A constraint on spending money on good causes is having the money in the first place. Wealth needs to be generated first before distribution is considered. Wealth distribution does not create wealth, it buys votes.

It is clear the people have been through hard times and I believe are increasingly unwilling to risk having the economy put at risk by another Labour government.

The last Labour government can’t be blamed for the whole of the recent financial crisis but they are guilty of two significant issues.

Firstly, they failed to put money away during the good years to pay off debt and make savings. This has meant that in bad times it has hurt so much more.

Secondly, Gordon Brown claiming to have solved boom and bust led to many people borrowing too much on the basis that house prices would never go down. This contributed hugely to a consumer bubble based on borrowing that eventually burst, as all bubble do.

It seems that Labour has few plans for the economy except spend, spend, spend. Both the Eds are not trusted with the economy and all their predictions of the austerity plan failing have been proven wrong.

The economy is improving, people are getting back into work, private sector jobs have replaced public sector jobs which means more people are creating wealth rather than consuming it. Very positive for the economy.

Unions are starting to flex their muscles again both with industrial disputes and over control of the Labour Party.

I think anything less than an outright Labour victory at the 2015 general election will see the end of Ed Milliband and his left leaning policies.

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