Public help Conservative candidate attacked

Public rallies to support Conservatives as candidate attacked on New Square Cambridge.

Members of the public rallied to help Alex Boyd, the Conservative candidate for Market ward, when he and his team of Conservative campaigners were attacked on the street in broad daylight.

At around 10.30am on Saturday 17th May, Alex Boyd was manning a street stall ahead of this Thursday’s local elections, together with a team of helpers, who included Andrew Lansley MP and Lord Balfe, when a well-built man in his late-20s, about 6’4″ with a skateboard, turned on them.

Shocked shoppers intervened as the thug became increasingly abusive and smashed the Conservatives’ table. Local and European election literature was scattered across the pedestrianised area leading up to the Grafton Centre.

“The man was clearly in an agitated or disturbed state,” said former county councillor Mike Harford, “and for a while we feared he would turn his violence on someone.”

Alex Boyd added, “We would like to thank everyone who was passing and who came to our support in true British spirit.”

The Police were called but the man had moved on. Anyone with further information about this incident should get in touch with the police.

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