Conservative successes. 1 to 20 of 100

So why back Conservatives, instead of Ed Miliband’s Labour Party? Simple. Conservatives are the party with the plan to tackle Britain’s long-term problems.

Other parties shout from the sidelines. But we are getting on with the job. That’s why we have already:

1. Helped businesses to create 1.7 million new jobs – so more people have the stability and security of a regular pay packet.

2. Created 1.6 million apprenticeships – so young people have the skills they need to succeed.

3. Worked to make the UK’s tax system the most competitive in the world, according to KPMG – so the British economy attracts investment and creates jobs.

4. Helped entrepreneurs to create 400,000 more businesses over the last three years – so our economy is stronger and more people benefit from the security of a job.

5. Cut the deficit by more than a third.

6. Cut income tax for over 25 million people.

7. Kept mortgage rates low by not increasing borrowing.

8. Funded Councils to help them freeze council tax, to keep your bills down.

9. Given people the democratic right to veto excessive hikes in council tax.

10. Cut fuel duty, saving the typical motorist who fills up once a week £360 on petrol.

11. Cut Corporation Tax, helping to support businesses that invest in Britain.

12. Taken almost £400 off childcare bills by increasing free education and care for 3- and 4-year olds.

13. Forced energy companies to put customers on the lowest tariff.

14. Delivered the biggest ever cash rise in the Basic State Pension.

15. Scrapped red tape to save businesses £850 million year – helping free businesses to grow and create jobs.

16. Scrapped Labour’s ruinous plan for a new jobs tax.

17. Helped 360,000 small firms pay no business rates at all, because of our doubling of rate relief.

18. Cut the jobs tax of businesses by up to £2,000 from 2014. This means 450,000 small businesses – that’s one third of all employers – will pay no jobs tax at all.

19. Supported growth across the country through 24 Enterprise Zone, so it is easier to set up a business.

20. Committed £18 billion for new school buildings so that children can learn in the best environment possible.

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