Conservative successes 21 – 40 of 100

21. Granted new freedoms to teachers in over 3,600 schools, allowing them to help each child to reach their full potential.

22. Given the green light to 300 free schools being set-up by communities, so they can respond to local need.

23. Brought in the rigorous new “EBacc”, meaning 60 per cent more pupils are taking the key subjects that they need to get a good job or go to university.

24. Supported 89 new business and industry linked vocational schools, to prepare young people for work.

25. Funded the biggest investment in transport infrastructure since World War II (over £70 billion over the next parliament), to support families who need to travel to work.

26. Started resurfacing 80 per cent of our national roads. This means adding 221 lane miles of extra capacity to our busiest motorways and starting 52 major road projects by 2021.

27. Started the biggest modernisation of our railways since the Victorians – so families and businesses get faster and more reliable trains.

28. Capped the amount an out of work household can get in benefits.

29. Capped benefit rises to stop them rising faster than wages.

30. Helped people back to work with our Work Programme. We have set up the largest programme to get people into work since the 1930s.

31. Introduced Help to Buy, so more families can get on the housing ladder even if they don’t have a large deposit from the “Bank of Mum and Dad”.

32. Made it easier for people to buy their council house, by reinvigorating Margaret Thatcher’s Right to Buy scheme.

33. Started building the first garden city since the 1920s.

34. Stopped councils wasting taxpayers’ money on producing official newspapers which contain political propaganda.

35. Capped social care costs, making sure people don’t have to sell their home to pay for social care. From April 2016 the Government will pay for peoples care once the cost to them hits £72,000.

36. Committed to a new North-South railway – so we connect up our great northern cities.

37. Balanced the defence budget – so that our Armed Forces can enjoy greater stability and certainty (crucially, we have eliminated Labour’s £38 billion black hole).

38. Delivered the latest military equipment – to make sure our Armed Forces are the best in the world. Over the next 10 years, around £164 billion will be spent on new military equipment, including the new Aircraft Carriers, the Type-26 frigates, seven new Astute class submarines and the Joint Strike Fighter aircraft.

39. Strengthened the Armed Forces Covenant – so we properly support our Service personnel.

40. We remain determined to hold an in-out EU referendum before the end of 2017 after a full renegotiation.

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