Conservative successes 41 – 60 of 100

41. Got us out of EU bailouts to protect British taxpayers’ money.

42. Vetoed a new EU fiscal treaty that didn’t guarantee a level playing field for British businesses

43. Cut the EU budget, saving British taxpayers over £8 billion.

44. Protected the British rebate from the EU. We have not and will not accept any changes to the British rebate.

45. Kept Britain out of the Euro. We have not, and will not, join the Euro.

46. Introduced a ‘referendum lock’ to ensure that any proposed change to the EU treaties that moves powers from the UK to the EU will have to get the consent of the British people.

47. Used the Government’s balance sheet to back new nuclear at Hinckley Point C.

48. Granted tax breaks for Shale gas exploration.

49. Made energy costs clearer and simpler for consumers.

50. Rolled back green levies. By cutting green taxes we have saved people an average £50 on their energy bills.

51. Introduced ‘Sarah’s Law’, a child protection disclosure scheme.

52. Limited the use of ‘slap on the wrist’ simple cautions so criminals are properly punished. Simple cautions will be banned for serious crimes and carrying a knife.

53. Made sure prisoners now have to earn privileges – rather than just avoid bad behaviour.

54. Worked to make sure there are enough prison places – so criminals do serve their time. There will be more adult, male prison places in 2015 than when we came into power.

55. Cut police red tape and given them just one target: cut crime.

56. Put local communities – and voters – in charge of local policing, so police can do what is right for their area.

57. Created a new National Crime Agency to protect us from organised crime gangs, child abusers, drug smugglers, slave drivers and cyber criminals.

58. Changed how police are hired and paid – so we can attract the best people to join the police and protect our communities.

59. Given police new powers to stop anti-social behaviour so people are safer in their communities.

60. Opened up Government to transparency, with over 9,000 new pieces of data released.

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