Loading / unloading – the rules

There has been some questions asked about loading and unloading in Clare with respect to our Civil Enforcement Officers. The following statement is from our senior officer responsible for such matters. In short, it says if you are genuinely loading or unloading it’s ok but if you dash off somewhere in the middle of the activity it is not. I guess that is reasonable.

“The subject of loading and unloading has always been a contentious one. From our perspective and if loading and unloading is permittable (depending on the restriction) the CEO must observe constant loading and unloading taking place throughout their observation period which is a minimum of 5 minutes. If no activity is seen within this period or longer then a PCN may be issued. If continuous loading and unloading is observed, we may allow up to 20 minutes depending on whether the activity is safe and not causing disruption to pedestrians or other road users.”

There is also a useful leaflet which I attach.

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