Potholes, potholes and floods

I have been receiving lots of messages from you good folk raising the issue of the state of our highways, and they are not good.

I do my best to get back to everyone who contacts me but the slight weep of messages is turning into a flood. Whilst I am happy to help everyone, with everything, highways are a function of Suffolk County Council. Bobby Bennett is your County Councillor and is very happy to help. Without putting words in her mouth I am sure she will tell you that the best way to get roads fixed is to make sure they are reported on the reporting tool.

Please find a link here: https://highwaysreporting.suffolk.gov.uk

I am told the more reports of an issue the more chance we have to get them fixed. It will certainly provide ammunition for Bobby to argue our case. It will also provide evidence that the pothole has been reported should a claim for vehicle damage need to be made.

Should you have your care damaged in a pothole and the County Council is negligent in not fixing it then there is a claims procedure to follow. In my experience, from other counties, the process is not quick and I fear is designed to wear down the applicant but take heart and follow through with the claim.

Please find a link to making a claim here: https://www.suffolk.gov.uk/roads-and-transport/highway-maintenance/making-a-highways-insurance-claim

I suspect this blog will remove me from the Highways Christmas card list!!!!!!!!

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