Kedington Hub – excellent community service

Ann Naylor and her merry band of volunteers have done it again. Congratulations on another brilliant effort. The community thanks you all.

Kedington Community Hub has gone from strength to strength. This week they served 60 meals lunch time (selling out of all meals), the café continued to flourish in the afternoon with a complete sell out of cakes etc.

They offer the hub to everyone in Kedington and surrounding villages, residents from Wixoe and Sturmer have been visiting.

Meals are offered at cost price…… but the option is there for people who do not have the available funds to not pay. Children under 16 can have a free meal. No questions are asked.

They have been making a little profit. This money has immediately been reinvested into equipment so they can continue to accommodate the increase of numbers.

What a fabulous community service.

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