The best part of delivering election leaflets is meeting lots of lovely people

Great to have popped in to see Jan Wimpress at Knights Country Kitchens yesterday on the way back from leafleting in Stoke by Clare. Somehow, home grown family businesses are so reassuring. Run by lovely people who care about what they do. They create beautiful bespoke kitchens and fitted wardrobes, amongst other things. I have banned my wife from going there for obvious reasons – our current kitchen is fine!!!!

A couple of days ago I was shouted at in Clare. Luckily, it was someone I had just dropped a leaflet to and they wanted to help rather than tell me off. They kindly offered to leaflet their road for me.

Yesterday, I was out with Karen and Marion. I had started early and had to leave to attend an evening function. I think I had only been gone 2 minutes to find both of them had been invited in for a cup of tea by a lovely lady on the Clare Heights – 🙄 On the positive side another lady then offered to deliver more leaflets for us.

I have chatted to lots of people over the garden fence when out and about. Everyone is so kind and supportive.

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