Anaerobic digestion plant – on the edge of Haverhill!!!!

Acorn Bioenergy Ltd have applied for planning permission to construct and operate an anaerobic digestion plant on land next to the A1307 just outside both Haverhill and Withersfield.

The 11-hectare plant would be used to convert farming waste such as rye, oat, maize and grass sileage, straw and poultry litter into gas for heating and transport.

The site is far too close to existing residential areas, would significantly impact travel & traffic, and could negatively affect the local environment.

Local folk are likely to see their house prices drop (who wants to live next to an anaerobic digestor) which is unfair and unnecessary. There is a disused airfield a few miles away that would make a much more sensible location.

Councillor Peter Stevens, who represents the Withersfield ward at West Suffolk Council, is very active in representing the views local people. He believes it is the right solution in the wrong place, and I agree. I will be offering what ever support I can to help Peter.

This is an issue with a much wider geographic impact than the immediate are. These digestion plants need continually feeding so material will be driven from far and wide affecting all of us.

There is a website, link below, that has been created to fight the application.

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